Summer 2013... John Carlucci took a chance & contacted Palmyra and offered to put a west coast band together for her. It took Palmyra all of 5 seconds to say "Yes" based on John's musical carreer and description of his ideas for a custom made LA supergroup that would learn her material and back her for any west coast adventures that might pop up.

From there, John recruited fellow Kiss Kiss Bang Bang members Laura Carlucci, and Rikki Styxx, and topped it off with up & coming guitar hero Michelle Balderrama (from BrainSpoon). A tour was booked for LA & San Francisco when they realized there would be a bit of down time between gigs. "Let's record a single" was next on the agenda. Run Now Baby was written with John, Laura & Palmyra through cyberspace, and Yeah Yeah Yeah (1960's Joe Meek produced song by Glenda Collins & Riot Squad), was chosen after Palmyra became obsessed with the song when a friend played it for her. They invaded MultiSonic Studio in Highland Park to record with Dave Klein (Agent Orange, the Bomboras).

Palmyra contacted longtime pal Kim Shattuck (the Muffs, the Pandoras), to join them in the studio for the fun. The result was the girl group reminiscent/power pop original Run Now Baby, and Yeah Yeah Yeahthe indescribable duet with Palmyra & Kim