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KinderAngst presents a set of songs from all over the rock and roll landscape, teaching kids the values of hard-work, compromise, and integrity. After all, time outs, social negotiations and acquiring self-discipline aren’t easy things to deal with, no matter who you are!

Channeling rock icons from The Ramones to The Shangri-Las to the Cramps to Blondie, KinderAngst creators and respected singers/multi-instrumentalists, Palmyra Delran and Rachelle Garniez, have created a cast of vivid characters who deliver smart, witty and engaging punk rock songs for children, featuring plenty of lively choruses, crunchy guitars and eclectic musical homages that will make the most discerning fans and parents sigh with relief.  Running the spectrum from classic “Oi” punk about time outs to punkabilly bathtime songs to ska numbers about self-sufficiency and back again, KinderAngst uses the energy and vibrancy of punk rock to perfectly address the whole range of emotions and experiences any child is likely to encounter.

Having a strong sense of self is at the core of the rock and roll tradition, and KinderAngst turns this strength towards the hearts and minds of developing children. Inspired by the ideas of personal integrity, independent thinking and personal responsibility espoused in rock, KinderAngst applies it to the world of pre-schoolers, where feeling like you belong isn’t always a given.

KinderAngst uses the spirit of rock and roll to playfully address some of the toughest parts of growing up (social relationships, time outs and discipline, individuality), empowering kids to own their own emotions and to navigate their young lives.  The name “KinderAngst” perfectly frames the album’s perspective, gently addressing youthful angst as a nonthreatening, temporary emotion; one that kids can greatly benefit from learning to work through to overcome.

Instead of downplaying the stress and difficulties of growing up, or dismissing a child’s emotions as irrational, KinderAngst embraces real feelings with honesty and humor,  creating a space for kids to openly engage with their struggles, and giving them the strength and encouragement to overcome them.  Instead of repackaging adult music for kids and filtering out the emotional content, KinderAngst makes punk rock music for kids, encouraging kids to feel comfortable in their own skin, and to understand that it’s ok to have a bad day, to feel like you don’t fit in. Using the vibrant energy of punk rock, these struggles are turned from a daunting obstacle into a shared experience, allowing kids a cathartic medium for addressing their problems.

KinderAngst’s tone is encouraging, showing kids that they’re justified in feeling upset or lonely sometimes, and that they can conduct these feelings into productive, creative channels.  The album is about real feelings, navigating the social landscape of youth, embracing your creative impulses, and learning to be proud of the person that you are, no matter what anyone else thinks.