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DIFFUSER preview of NO TIME LIKE NEVER by Palmyra Delran & Bubble Gun

Palmyra Delran has teamed up with Bubble Gun for an unbelievably catchy new tune just in time for our (hopefully) sunshine-filled days. Today (May 4), Diffuser is thrilled to premiere “No Time Like Never” — check it out in the audio player below.

“No Time Like Never” marks the second annual single from Delran and Bubble Gun, who plan to release an original track and a B-side cover each year.

“It’s my second time spending time in L.A. with these ass kicking musicians,” Delran tells us about working with Bubble Gun. “We’re planning for it to be a yearly tradition of me going to the west coast for a tour and some time in the studio — purely for fun.”

She explains that the B-side for the annual single will always feature special guests; last year, Delran duetted with Kim Shattuck of the Muffs, and this year — the B-side for “No Time Like Never” — she partners with Mighty Manfred of the Woggles.




by Palmyra Delran & Bubble Gun

featuring Mighty Manfred!

What's the backstory of the song? Palmyra told us, "'Keep Lookin'' is an old Freakbeat song by '60s band The Artwoods, written by Solomon Burke. I've known Mighty Manfred since the days when our bands (the Friggs and The Woggles) played shows together. I thought this song would be a perfect duet for us to do together because Manfred is already an expert with this genre, and it's always been something I wanted to try." 
Palmyra Delran is the singer-songwriter, guitar siren and creative soul of '90s trash-pop band The Friggs. 

Palmyra Delran and LA Supergroup Bubble Gun are releasing their second annual single on May 5. They will be releasing an original song and a B-side cover duet featuring a special guest each year. 

Palmyra is the newest DJ to join Little Steven’s Underground Garage on SiriusXM. Her new weekend program,"Palmyra’s Trash Pop Shindig," airs Sunday mornings from 8 to noon ET. [Also of note: Speedie John Carlucci (bassist for Bubble Gun) also launched a new weekend show on Little Steven’s underground Garage, airing Sundays from 4AM-8AM ET, so basically just keep it tuned to Little Steven's channel, OK?] Keep Lookin', peeps! 
—Amy Sciarretto



Michael Des Barre introduces Palmyra as one of the new DJ's in Little Steven's Underground Garage!






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Palmyra returned to Los Angeles in the early part of 2015 for round two of the west coast tour with supergroup BUBBLE GUN! While there, they recorded two new songs for a digital single, co-produced with Jordan Tarlow, to be released on May 5. Mighty Manfred (of the Woggles) swung by the studio to join the fun singing a duet with Palmyra. No Time Like Never is a new original song written with Bubble Gun member Michelle Balderrama, who sent Palmyra a guitar riff via text. The virtual flipside - Keep Lookin' is a cover of a freakbeat classic by the Artwoods (written by Solomon Burke), turned into a duet by Palmyra & Manfred.




Stream Palmyra Delran & Bubble Gun

"Run Now Baby" And "Yeah Yeah Yeah"

Palmyra Delran and Kim Shattuck are both pioneers in the female punk rock movement, and today we're excited to premiere both sides of Delran's latest single, "Run Now Baby," featuring Shattuck of the Muffs and ex-Pixies fame on backing vocals on the A-side and dueting on the B-side. Recorded with her "west coast band" Bubble Gun (featuring members of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), "Run Now Baby" illustrates Delran's ability to write straightforward janglin' rock. Its virtual flipside, "Yeah Yeah Yeah," is a Joe Meek nugget originally performed by Glenda Collins & Riot Squad in the early '60s. Stream both tracks above.

"Writing 'Run Now Baby' was a wild experience," former Friggs frontwoman Delran admits, "since it was written through cyberspace. I had never met the members of the band or the studio owner! My friend John Carlucci wrote me on Facebook and asked if I was into having a west coast band learn my material and tour — I said yes and that was that. Once I got to LA and we had our first practice with the super group (Bubble Gun), I realized how lucky I was to be able to have a great, ready-made band for the west coast. I got in touch with my pal Kim Shattuck and invited her to the studio to sing some back-up vocals on the song. We had such a blast that we decided to do a duet of 'Yeah Yeah Yeah.'"




New 2 song digital single to be released on May 20

Palmyra spent the early part of 2014 in Los Angeles touring the west coast with supergroup BUBBLE GUN, and recording a 2 song digital single co-produced with Dave Klein, to be released on May 20. Kim Shattuck (of the Muffs) swung by the studio to join the fun singing back up vocals and a duet with Palmyra. Run Now Baby is a new original song written with Bubble Gun members John & Laura Carlucci, and the virtual flipside -Yeah Yeah Yeah is a cover of an early 60's Joe Meek produced song by Glenda Collins & Riot Squad, turned into a duet by Palmyra & Kim


Palmyra Delran      Michelle Balderrama          Rikki Styxx           Laura Carlucci          John Carlucci



April 2014 NYC Rock & Roll Weekend!

Little Steven's Underground Garage & Cavestomp join forces to present a 100% Rock & Roll weekend in NYC & Brooklyn! Hand-picked bill includes The Connection, John & Brittany, The Jellybricks, and Palmyra. Hosted by the world's greatest entertainer - Hansome Dick Manitoba!



While in Los Angeles, Palmyra teamed up with supergroup Bubble Gun (John Carlucci, Laura Carlucci, Michelle Balderrama, and Rikki Styxx), to record a single co-produced with Dave Klein. One song is a new original called "Run Now Baby" and the other is a cover song, "Yeah Yeah Yeah", from early 60's Joe Meek gal Glenda Collins & the Riot SquadKim Shattuck of the Muffs stopped by to add some backup vocals, and they ended up turning "Yeah Yeah Yeah" into a super cool duet. Expect the new single to be released spring 2014 on Nine Volt Jolt Records



The San Francisco Examiner

Palmyra Delran resurfaces as a solo act

 | January 17, 2014

At first, the rock life seemed like a dream come true for Philadelphia guitarist Palmyra Delran, who toured with bands like Pink Slip Daddy and the notorious all-girl outfit The Friggs.

She even kept the Friggs going despite the departure of singer and songwriting partner Jezebel after one legendary album, 1997’s “Rock Candy,” and a singles anthology.

The illusion faded.

“After 10 years of traveling in a stinky van, I was like ‘You know what? I want to settle down and get a dog now!’” she says. “That’s when I started writing my own stuff, and when this whole other chapter of my life started.”

Left to her own devices, Delran – who jokingly named herself after two towns in New Jersey – gradually conceived a solo career that didn’t involve lugging bandmates and instruments around the world.

When she plays San Francisco this week, touting her new full-length debut “You Are What You Absorb,” she will be supported by Los Angeles’ Bubble Gun, specifically hired as her West Coast band.

For East Coast concerts, studio artists from “Absorb” back her, and when she hits Scandinavia, it’s the Swedish outfit Stupidity.

“It would certainly be presumptuous of me to just expect these bands to learn all my stuff, but Stupidity and Bubble Gun have been willing to do it, I’m a really lucky girl,” says Delran, who also recently reunited with The Friggs and Pink Slip Daddy. “The musicians on the record all have other groups, other commitments, but we play New York, Philly, and we’re talking about Boston. So I have three bands, and now The Friggs are talking about some future gigs and maybe some recording, and Pink Slip Daddy are talking about more shows, too – if we get the itch.”

Delran found her frontwoman voice by synthesizing her influences – punk, glam, psychedelic, vintage Blondie – into an 2008 EP “She Digs the Ride,” which caught the attention of influential DJ Little Steven Van Zandt, founder of Sirius Satellite Radio’s Underground Garage.

In 2008, he chose her “Baby Should Have Known Better” as his Coolest Song in the World, and “You’re My Brian Jones” was his No. 1 Song of 2012. This year, he ranked “Absorb” at No. 3 on his personal Top 10.

Delran was surprised when her benefactor, who played Silvio Dante on “The Sopranos,” dropped by one of her Swedish dates to chat by the merch table.

“But then he just started selling my CDs, saying ‘I think you wanna buy this, you know?’ And people kept on buying them! Maybe they didn’t want to get whacked or something….”



Glendale News Press

A trash-pop princess brings her solo act to South Pasadena

Palmyra Delran

New York singer-guitarist Palmyra Delran epitomizes the East Coast underground rock ’n’ roll ethic. The tenured princess of trash-pop, who makes a rare California appearance at South Pasadena’s the Barkley on Friday, has been banging out her primitive, stomping brand of big beat malfeasance since the early 1990s, and has developed a distinctive, glittering sound that mixes elements of vintage 1960s girl group and garage rock with the buzz-saw audacity of classic punk.

“I grew up listening to the Stones, the Kinks and, later, Neil Diamond and Lesley Gore. I stole a lot of production stuff from them,” Delran said. “It was kind of embarrassing when people caught me listening to Neil Diamond, but I really soaked up a lot from the sound of those records. And then along came the Ramones, Patti Smith and Blondie, and I loved that. And when you combine all that you get this great sound, so I coined the phrase ‘trash pop’ in the early ’90s.”

Delran, who adopted her stage name from a New Jersey turnpike exit sign, began her career in the late 1980s as drummer for Philadelphia’s Pink Slips, but soon graduated to form all-girl shock troupe the Friggs circa 1991. “It was crazy,” she said. “Most of us really learned how to play our instruments onstage.”

The band quickly gained traction among the East Coast rock ‘n’ roll cognoscenti. “The Friggs started in Philly, my hometown, and was the beginning of my starting to write songs,” she said. “But one by one they started moving to New York — I commuted for five years, and finally gave in. There was such a great scene in New York — the Botswanas, the Devil Dogs, all these bands that seemed like cousins of ours, and it was fantastic. There was always something to do every second.”

The Friggs graduated to near nonstop gigging, opened shows for the Ramones and toured with UK Two Tone sensations the Selector, but eventually disbanded. “I wanted to start a revolution,” she said. “But it didn’t happen.”

Nonetheless, her solo career brought even greater acclaim: The song “Baby Should’ve Known Better,” from her debut solo album release, “She Digs the Ride,” was named “Coolest Song in the World” in 2008 by no less an authority than Sirius radio Underground Garage show DJ (and longtime Bruce Springsteen ax man) Little Steven Van Zandt. A banging, bittersweet Good Girl Gone Bad lament, the song was subsequently voted “Coolest Song of 2008” by the program’s listeners and included on the compilation CD “The Coolest Songs in the World Vol. 8.”

Delran’s vocals combine icy-hot authority, a salty, sassy (yet never cynical) bite and a gleeful relish for the fast-moving, offbeat “trash pop” in which she excels. Her latest album “You Are What You Absorb” celebrates back-alley culture and romantic folly with equal measures of well-crafted musicality and celebratory rock ‘n’ roll abandon. It’s a potent recipe, and Delran clearly thrives on it.

“I was never propelled by the money thing. I still love the music. I’ve got songs that I still want to write — I don’t know what they are, but I do want to find out,” she said. “As long as you’re having fun, keep doing it; and if it stops being fun, you should pack it in. But for me, every show is just a blast.”
JONNY WHITESIDE is a veteran music journalist based in Burbank and author of “Ramblin' Rose: the Life & Career of Rose Maddox” and “Cry: the Johnnie Ray Story.”,0,6733119.story






Catch Palmyra in Los Angeles on Jan 10 & 11th, then in San Francisco on Jan 17th & 18th. Bubble Gun members are John Carlucci (Speedies, Fuzztones, Beat Killers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Laura Carlucci (Beat Killers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Rikki Styxx (Adam Bones, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), and Michelle Balderrama (BrainSpoon).

They will also be recording two songs at MultiSonic Studios with Dave Klein, to be released in the spring of 2014. 



YAY It's votin' time again

VOTE every day for The Coolest Song In The World for 2013

Palmyra is thrilled to have two songs in the running for Coolest Song In The World for 2013 on Little Steven's Underground Garage this year! "Shy Boy" (from Show 566 - Feb 3rd), and "Some Day Soon" (from Show 578 - April 28), along with so many other cool songs and great bands! In addition to making your opinion count, YOU can win an expense paid trip to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! YOU can VOTE and enter every 24 hours! It's the right thing to do!

Here are samples of Palmyra's songs you can vote for:


Scroll down to Show 566 - Feb 3rd



Scroll down to Show 578 - April 28




The wait is over! The reunion is NOW!

On November 2, Palmyra will reunite with Pink Slip Daddy members Mick Cancer, Sal Mineo's Only Son (SMOS), and Barb Dwyer for a reunion with Pink Slip Daddy. Their first show in 20 years will take place at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia and is sure to sell out!

FREE DOWNLOADS available on Soundcloud:



Welcome back STUPIDITY from Stockholm Sweden!

Palmyra will join one of Sweden's coolest garage bands - Stupidity - for their yearly trek to the states. They will play New York City & Philadelphia together for a rockin' stompin' garage trash blow out!



************************************************************************************************************************************************* / Inquirer / Daily News!

Singer and songwriter Palmyra Delran says
"New Jersey" was a great place to grow up and
be corrupted. I absorbed every moment."
On her newest and most aptly titled album, You Are What You Absorb, New Jersey-born Palmyra Delran presents all of her inspirations (surf rock, Shangri-Las, garage punk, Yardbirds, Blondie's first LP) in one tight, highly contagious, frug-worthy package. Absorb sounds like everything and nothing she has ever done before. The singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer is a Philly favorite for her trashy local pop bands the Friggs and Pink Slip Daddy.

"I love Philly and still consider myself a Jersey gal," Delran says from her digs in New York City. "It was a great place to grow up and be corrupted. I absorbed every moment."

Philly loves her. Jersey loves her. She also has a devotee in Little Steven Van Zandt, the Springsteen guitarist and Sirius/XM satellite radio Underground Garage host. He picked Palmyra's "Baby Should Have Known Better" as the "Coolest Song in the World" in November 2008. He picked her most recent single, the heart-stopping "You're My Brian Jones" as his top tune of 2012.

"I'm totally giddy," says Delran, who has long admired Van Zandt for creating Underground Garage, "where bands like mine could have a home to have their music played. When he started picking my songs amongst his favorites, my mind was totally and officially blown."

Fans aside, Delran's focus has been on gathering mass and melody for Absorb since 2008, when she dropped her solo EP, She Digs the Ride. "I'd been collecting these songs for a while, deciding on production ideas and such. I wanted to make a record that celebrated the special stuff about music that I loved as a kid, and that others would hopefully dig."

Delran laughs as she talks about picking apart the instrumentation and noticing every little thing, from the claps, tambourine, and castanets to the swoop of the backing vocals. "Even the panning," she says. "You could hear new and different stuff every time you listened to a record. People listen to music differently these days - just playing the first 30 seconds of a few songs. I wanted to make a record that people played all the way through."

Picking apart her own new album, Delran dwells on each detail. She digs the romping "Shy Boy" because it was written for the late Nick Drake. She likes the neo-psychedelic "Your Best Friend" because there's a stylophone on it.

Ask her whether she misses the sisterhood of her former bands, which cut quite a swath through the local live punk-rock landscape, and Delran gets ruminative.

"It was weird not to have the comfortable group of people to bounce ideas off of, but going it alone gave me a new perspective on making music," she says. "Band mates usually have your back. I wanted to try new stuff and dare to fall flat on my face."

photo: Albert Mitchell

POSTED: July 27, 2013



Cool review from 53rd & 3rd

Palmyra Delran’s World of Trash Pop

Jul1st 2013 Written by Matt M.


Released earlier this year, Palmyra Delran’s most recent album “You Are What You Absorb” should be streaming out of transistor radios on beaches all summer long. A self-described purveyor of Trash Pop, Delran knows how to get the hook stuck in your head. What else would you expect from someone who cites The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and early Blondie as influences? Sure, some of those hooks are vaguely familiar at times,(listen for the We Five’s You Were On My Mind in Delran’s Lies For You) but that familiarity is never a flaw in the songs. Instead, they set the table for Delran to drop in the perfect accompaniment that gives each song it’s identity; a little farfisa organ here, a fuzzy guitar lick there. Hooked yet? Good. Now, which way to the beach?



Great review in Rock's Back Pages!

By Larry Jaffee

When I heard the first notes of Palmyra Delran’s great new album You Are What You Absorb I immediately had a flashback to my initial listening experience in 1976 of Blondie’s debut LP (Private Stock). Both feature a Farfisa organ line that immediately grabbed me, echoing the great pop music of the 1960s.

The Blondie connection hit home even more when I spotted the glorious Debbie Harry in the audience of Delran’s showcase 5/31 gig at The Cutting Room, the hot new Manhattan club. Rooted in Riot Grrl (she was lead guitarist in the fondly remembered all-girl The Friggs), Delran’s the complete package, playing a mean guitar and a voice that alternates between sweet and a Joan Jett snarl singing lyrics about the early butterfly stage in all boy-girl romantic relationships, supplemented by a tight band that rocks out with the best of them.

The aptly titled You Are What You Absorb is sprinkled with British Invasion riffs.

To wit, “You’re My Brian Jones” on the new CD lovingly cops the opening Dave Davies riff from The Kinks’ “She’s Got Everything.” (I also hear Yardbirds licks in her sound.) It’s no wonder that a few Palmyra tracks have been Little Steven’s Underground Garage as “Coolest Songs of the Week.”

Also check out “Love Has Gone Away” from her 2008 EP She Digs The Ride.

Fresh from a two-week tour in Sweden, the live show featured three of the crack male musicians who also play on the album (guitarist Richard Devgreene, bassist Michael Lynch and drummer Mark Brotter). My only regret was not hearing Rachelle Garniez’s Hammond B3, which is prevalent throughout the record.

As aforementioned, Palmyra runs in cool circles. She dedicated a song from the stage to audience member Handsome Dick Manitoba, of the legendary 1970s prototype punk/metal band The Dictators.

To my ears, Delran’s killer must-hear song from the new album is “Never To Be Back Again.” In a perfect world, this song will top the charts and be played on every radio station. But unfortunately, we’re relegated to peeps-in-the-know who check what’s cool on Little Steven’s weekly syndicated show.

You Are What You Absorb is one of my favorite releases of the first half of 2013; buy this highly recommended CD.



Palmyra embarks on second tour in Scandinavia

Palmyra spent two weeks in May on tour in Sweden with her pals Stupidity, and joined by Keith Streng (from the Fleshtone) playing guitar.  Shows included Stockholm,  Lindesberg, Malmö, Helsingborg, and a few acoustic shows in local Stockholm record shops – Larry’s Corner, Pet Sounds, and The Beat Goes On. While there, Palmyra couldn’t resist a stop at the ABBA museum.



Palmyra's song "SOME DAY SOON" from "YOU ARE WHAT YOU ABSORB" has been chosen by Little Steven as "Coolest Song in the World This Week" for the week of May 3rd on Little Steven's Underground Garage! This make's Palmyra's fourth "Coolest Song" following "Shy Boy", "Lies For You", and "Baby Should Have Known Better".



Palmyra's new video


premeired on

"The video was a blast to film. An old friend, Price Harrison invited me to Nashville to work with him and his team, director Daniel Henry and Cinematographer Dustin Lane," explains Delran, who, notably, is the founder and songwriter of trash pop band the Friggs. "The video shows the quiet decline of the main character (played by Nashville singer Boo Ray), and then his ultimate blow up. Go go dancers, tarot readers, and gas huffers - all with painted faces - set the mood at the sleazy bar where I perform."


GUITAR WORLD Interview: The Friggs Guitarist PALMYRA DELRAN Discusses New Solo Album, 'You Are What You Absorb'

Her music has been called trashy, surf-rock and punky-pop, but in the end, it's hard to marginalize the sound of Palmyra Delran. Perhaps the best way to describe the music of the founder and creative force behind '90s band The Friggs is to say it’s refreshingly honest.
Delran and The Friggs recorded and toured almost incessantly throughout the ‘90s, opening for The Selecter, Ramones and Cheap Trick. But it wasn't until Delran's 2008 debut solo EP, She Digs the Ride, with its solid guitar grooves and tales of dysfunctional relationship, that she reached the next level.
You Are What You Absorb is another intoxicating blend of punk-girl grit combined with hook-laden melodies and deep lyrics. The album's first single and video, "You're My Brian Jones" is a psychedelic romp back to the '60s with an infectious groove and smooth vocals. It's an album that (much like the title suggests) is best absorbed with headphones.
The band consists of: Palmyra (vocals, guitar), Richard Devgreene (guitar), Michael Lynch (bass), and Mark Brotter (drums). I spoke with her about the new album as well as her plans for 2013.

GUITAR WORLD: Why the title, You Are What You Absorb?

I've spent my life listening to music and absorbing every cool aspect about it. Anything that’s touched or affected me in any way. I've also always liked the little accents or weird instruments that were put into spots where maybe they shouldn't go, but end up working. The fact is, you are what you absorb throughout life. It's about absorbing everything around you.

How would you describe the sound of the album?

It's a very diverse record. Those were always the kind of albums that were my favorites, and there's so much of that on this record. Some garage stuff; some poppy stuff (which is a little bit out of my element); some sleaziness and dirtiness. I also concentrated a lot on lyrics, so there are a few cool stories on there as well.

Let's discuss some of the songs from the album: "Shy Boy"

I've always been a big Nick Drake fan and was reading a biography about him. He was a very painfully shy guy. The idea for the song came out of that biography and evolved from there.

"You're My Brian Jones"

I had the music for that song for a long time bouncing around in my head. The concept for it was very strong, but the lyrics were giving me a problem. One day I finally decided that I needed to finish it, so I called my friend Rachelle Garniez to help me and we both just knocked it out.

You used a diverse series of instruments for this album, including a harpsichord.

That was a lot of fun. There was a harpsichord on the floor below the studio we were recording in. The guy who owned it said that we could use it, so the engineer ran a cable down a flight of steps. The sound of it was a little too baroque and not exactly the same tuning as the tracks, so it was a bit of a challenge. Almost everything on the album is real. The only thing that was sampled were the pizzicato strings. I like using the real stuff.

Do you have plans to tour?

I have a band in New York where we'll be doing a few shows on the East Coast and then I'll head overseas. I also have another band in Sweden where we'll be doing a Scandinavian tour most likely in May.

What have you found are the differences between the audiences here in the US as opposed to there?

They're much crazier over there and really love American music. It's a great experience touring Europe.

Tell me a little about growing up and playing guitar.

I started fooling around with it as a teenager but never did anything with it. It wasn't until I was in my first band (I was the drummer) and started wanting to write my own songs that I started getting serious about it. I started playing and formed The Friggs; which really got me more into playing and writing. I'm self-taught and don't adhere to a certain style. I don't understand theory as much as I wish I could, but I keep trying.

Have you ever found yourself intimidated as a guitarist?

I don't feel intimidated at all when I'm making my own records. Sometimes though, if I'm playing live and there's a really great guitar player in the audience, I might get a little bit nervous about it. But, I'm always aware of my limitations.



"You Are What You Absorb" will be streaming SOUNDCHECK WNYC the week (Mar 4- Mar 10)

Singer and guitarist Palmyra Delran is best known for founding the '90s retro garage-pop band the Friggs. She kept a low profile throughout the early aughts, with Friggs reissues and a children's album calledKinderAngst. Now, she’s releasing her solo debut, called You Are What You Absorb (out Mar 5th).

Why a solo album now?

I'd been working on these songs for awhile now. My original idea was to put out a box set of 7" vinyl singles, but then I realized that very few would actually hear it. That idea changed into a full length. Parts of it are very much like my other band the Friggs, but some of the songs came out a bit different - like the next chapter.

Tell me about the album title, ‘You Are What You Absorb’?

The title comes from the realization that I've been pinching production ideas for my whole life. Any medium can influence songwriting - movies, book, art, etc... you just keep absorbing the culture around you if you pay attention. I always deconstructed song structures and instrumentation as a weird little kid. I've learned how to write songs in those styles - kind of a loose version of AM radio pop songs, then trash it up a bit. I guess that's my sound.

Can you give me the backstory on the song ‘You're My Brian Jones'?

The original title and concept came when I was stuck in jury duty and reading a Brian Jones biography. His name and character was really just a little piece of the idea, but I drew from the stories I was reading about him. I made the connection that sometimes people have crushes or get obsessed with people they can't or shouldn't be with, and they know it, but keep trying. I had the riff rolling around for awhile, but couldn't quite finish, so I asked my pal Rachelle Garniez to swing by and we finished it together. The harpsichord was definitely a nod to Brian Jones.

The album’s lineup features Rachelle Garniez on Farfisa, Hammond B3, Harpsichord, Michael Lynch on bass, Mark Brotter on drums, Richard Devgreene on guitar, as well as guest backup singers the Cocktail Slippers, Betsy Todd, & Jenifer Jackson.



Finally! The long awaited full length CD "You Are What You Absorb" by Palmyra Delran will be released on Tuesday March 5.

"The title comes from a lifetime of absorbing music and pinching production ideas", explains Palmyra regarding the tilte of the CD, "Not just listening to music, but deconstructing it and putting it back together my own way".

"Any medium can influence any other medium. I arrange songs like John Waters edited “Polyester”. There’s something happening all the time. Guitars stepping on Farfisas, climbing over sitars, knocking into Stylophones, tripping over bongos. Controlled chaos is a GO!"

"You Are What You Absorb" will be available through iTunes and CD Baby on March 5th.

Track listing:

1. Shut Out

2. You're My Brian Jones

3. Shy Boy

4. Your Best Friend

5. Lies For You

6. Never To Be Back Again

7. Some Day Soon

8. Sunny Day

9. Could Be Together

10. Oh No!

11. Back To You

+ The Turtle



Bongo Boy Rock & Roll Show presents

Palmyra Delran

hosted by Wayne Olivieri airs on Feb, 18, 2013.

You can watch it here:



Palmyra's new digital single "Shy Boy" has been chosen as "Coolest Song in the World" for the week of Feb 3rd on Little Steven's Underground Garage on SIRIUS/XM. Palmyra was inspired to write "Shy Boy" while reading a Nick Drake biography. "There was so much interesting stuff inside of him that he couldn't communicate because of his painful shyness," she explains. "It's just an observation in the form of a pop song for him and others who have had those feelings."

"Shy Boy" is available from iTunes and CD Baby:



The votes are in!

"You're My Brian Jones" was voted #6 by Little Steven's Underground Garage listeners, and as #1 song of the year by Little Steven himself! What a way to start the year!



Look for Palmyra's new video for her single "You're My Brian Jones" to be released in February 2013. Long time friend, Price Harrison (the Botswanas, P3 Amplifiers), recently invited Palmyra to come to Nashville to produce a video for her. Directer Daniel Henry & Cinematographer Dustin Lane  joined the team and the mayhem began there. The video was shot at the Black Raven Emporium, a hangout & bar in East Nashville, and other local spots. Go-go dancers, tarot readers, and random lollygaggers witness the unraveling of the main character, played by Boo Ray, while Palmyra performs "You're My Brian Jones". The video will be followed up with a new full length CD “You Are What You Absorb”.



It's that time of year again! Little Steven's Underground Garage "Coolest Song in the World" for 2012 contest! Palmyra's single "You're My Brian Jones" is in the running with so many cool bands! You can cast your vote every 24 hours here:



Palmyra's new single “You’re My Brian Jones” was selected by Little Steven as Coolest Song In The World on Underground Garage for his Back To School 2012 show, then for the week of Sept 17-23 on SIRIUS/XM. Get it from iTunes or CD Baby:



New digital single “You’re My Brian Jones” was released Sept 17, 2012, and will be followed up with a new full length CD “You Are What You Absorb”. Get it from iTunes or CD Baby:



Palmyra will release her new full length CD “You Are What You Absorb” very soon!

It was recorded by Craig Dreyer at Mighty Toad Studio Brooklyn, and mixed by Geoff Sanoff at Stratosphere Sound Studio NYC, & INTL HQ Brooklyn. Palmyra is joined by KinderAngst collaborator and co-writer Rachelle Garniez on Farfisa, Hammond B3, and Harpsichord, Michael Lynch on bass, Mark Brotter on drums, Richard Devgreene on guitar, as well as guest backup singers the Cocktail Slippers from Norway, Betsy Todd, & Jenifer Jackson.



Palmyra interview with One Chord Progression: