Mick Cancer - Loudmouth

Sal Mineo's Only Son - Gitbox

Barb Dwyer & Jezebel - Bottom

Palmyra Delran - Tubs & Shakers


The return of the Pink Slip Daddy gang

It’s long been figured, of course, that this was one rock-n-roll reunion that just wasn’t gonna happen. Even the most ardent supporters had lost hope. After all, the last time the band’s original participants were in the same room long enough to order pizza was over twenty years ago.

But good god almighty y’all, the presedent’s callin’ an emergency meetin’ and the message sounds loud and clear on my transistor radio… Pink Slip Daddy comin’ out to play again!

The original group, consisting of Mick Cancer, Sal Mineo’s Only Son (SMOS), Palmyra Delran, Barb Dwyer, and hovering guru Ben Vaughn, were a pretty potent item on the Philadelphia post-postpunk landscape of the early 90’s, issuing an assortment of legendary recordings which aptly reflected their often un-inhibited, chaotic stage presentation.

Nonetheless, Pink Slip Daddy eventually drifted into a kind of slipstream as its’ players pursued other ventures. Rumors and suggestions of a liaison persisted but never realized…

Until now, Saturday November 2nd at Kung Fu Necktie

Roll over SMOS – Tell Palmyra the news!

FREE DOWNLOADS available on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pink-slip-daddy




1st Pink Slip Daddy album  (1988, Apex Recording Service)

"LSD EP" 10" vinyl (1989, Apex Recording Service)                                                                                              Every possible gimmick! 45rpm on one side, 33rpm on the other, plays backwards, 2 songs pressed odd & even grooves, pink clear vinyl, gatefold sleeve, only 1000 copies pressed.

"Antidisestablishmentarianism"  (1989, Apex Recording Service)

"Rock Damage and Other Love Songs"  (1993, Sympathy For The Record Industry)

"Junkyard" - 7" Single  (1989, Sympathy for the Record Industry)

"Rock Old Sputnik to the Moon" - 7" Single  (1991, Get Hip Records)

"Bonograph"  Sonny Bono Tribute Record - 1 song

"Their Sympathetic Majesties Request, vol 1" - 1 song  (Sympathy F.T.R.I.)

"Their Sympathetic Majesties Request, vol 2" - 1 song  (Sympathy F.T.R.I.)

"1st LP + EP = CD" - Never released  (Apex Recording Service)