The Troggs + the Fugs + the Shaggs = THE FRIGGS

One of the 90’s fave rockin’ girl bands! The Friggs play supercharged, harmony saturated, trashy pop with a dash of surf on the side the way Russ Meyer intended it to be. With five 7" singles, one 10" EP released on independent labels to their credit, their CD "Rock Candy" proves to be one of those classic debut albums that rocks and rolls at the same time. “Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday” collects all of the early vinyl records, plus a few previously unreleased basement demos on one CD.



"Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday" Singles & Unreleased Songs (Apex East Recordings 2007)

"Rock Candy" (e-vil records 1997) CD

"Juiced Up" b/w "Mama Blew A Hoody" (Ferelette Records 1995) 7" single

"America's Only Rock & Roll Parody 10" EP" (Sympathy For The Record Industry 1994) Vinyl

"Bad Word For A Good Thing" b/w "Friggs Theme (Telstar Records 1992) 7" single

"Shake" b/w "Wild Love" (Sympathy For The Record Industry 1992) 7" single

"Come Now" b/w "Dance of Love" (Apex Recording Service 1991) 7" single

"Jawbreaker" Movie Soundtrack (London Records) 1 song

"Blondie Tribute Record" (Sympathy For The Record Industry) 1 song

"Sympathy for the Record Industry Girl Group Comp" (Sympathy) 1 song

"Sympathy for the Record Industry Compilation, vol. 1 & 2" (Sympathy) 1 song

"Today's Top Girl Groups Vol. 1" (Spinout Records) 1 song

"Turban Renewal - Tribute to Sam the Sham & the Pharohs" (Norton Records) 1 song

"Season's Greeting Philadelphia - Christmas Compilation" 1 song

"Southern Culture on the Skids vs. the Friggs" (Carbon 14 Magazine EP) 1 song



"Bad Word for a Good Thing" featured on a commercial for Chevy Trailblazer

"Shake" featured in the movie "Superbad"

"Bad Word For A Good Thing" & "Heartbreaker" featured in the movie "Jawbreaker"

"Juiced Up" featured in the movie "Prey for Rock & Roll"

"I Cringe" featured in the movie "Lipstick & Dynamite"

"Shake" featured in the movie "the Treasures of Long Gone John"

"Bad Word For A Good Thing" featured in the documentary movie "FUCK" 


Hear what the kids are saying:

“I like the beat!”, Anita Smoke (15, Philly, PA)

“You can frug to it”, Patti O’Furniture (16, Brooklyn, NY)

“Makes me wanna F@*&!”, Phil McCrackin (17, Collingsweird, NJ)

“You will be pleasantly amused.” Rick O’Shea (45, mom’s basement)